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training intentions

Our certification track offers deep, immersive training in emerging themes in organizational life based on principles, practices and processes of open participation. 

Our courses are academically robust while their retreat settings stimulate dynamic engagement in deeply affective, meaningful and imaginal explorations into individual experience and collective aspirations. 

Our explorations are lively and diverse action-oriented inquiries. We cultivate intellectual curiosity, critical reflection and evaluative discourse.

We are committed to a realist position about what is actually happening in organizational life, what we actually feel, sense, and perceive in our lived experience, what values we hold, what actually can be known about the world.
— Bonnitta Roy, Founding Associate

training highlights

  • succeeding with uncertainty
  • how self organization happens and why you can trust it
  • how values both enable and constrain participation
  • expanding your trust network
  • intention, identity and interaction in group dynamics
  • asymmetric needs and power relations
  • closing the knowledge-power gap
  • strategic conversations in four languages of change 
  • participatory governance 
  • how resource allocations drive innovation (or not)
  • assessing team action-potentials
  • building team synergy and high velocity performance
  • method-free facilitation
  • catalyzing insight in teams
  • creativity and cognitive flow

Interested in Leadership Development?

Our affiliates, The European Center for Leadership Practice, EZC Partners, add developmental testing services, 36o degree leadership assessments, Lectica Skills analytics, and more, enabling us to offer an integrated design for individual, team and organizational level training.