We help shift limiting assumptions around corporate structure, leadership, operational frameworks and human resources into strategic conversations that reveal root sources of conflict and creativity.

We help your people develop their cognitive, affective and conative capacities so they can excel at work and build a thriving organization.


emergent leaders

Create leaders by helping people flourish at work

In the face of escalating task demands, individual leaders risk "falling in over their heads." We help organizations build self-managed, high velocity teams where people collaborate on strategic performance goals. Leaders facilitate honest, open and reflexive practices to enable teams to realize smart, agile decisions and creative approaches to strategic challenges.



Team action potential

Create innovation by enhancing team potential 

With our POV Profile, we can assess potentials that only emerge at the collective level. Our profiles help teams identify, reflect on and improve their dynamics, and build capacities for self-management, cross-functional integration, agile responsiveness, and creative innovation.



crisp organizational design

Responsive, agile structures that can learn

We help organizations stay CRiSP - sustaining a process of continually regenerating it's own starting position -- by integrating an open architecture, communications platforms and a governance that evolve together. CRiSP organizations thrive in uncertain environments and in times of rapid change.