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APP AI helps organizations capitalize on new workplace innovations. We help entrepeneurs start up smarter. We also enable larger companies to become more agile without major disruption to their operations. We offer training to coaches and teams that build individual capacity and boost performance.

Our approach is backed by cutting edge research in individual self-determination and the psychological dynamics of teams. Perspectives from complexity thinking help us design simple, yet powerful protocols for creating, rich, innovative environments where people can flourish. As a result, your organization can thrive.

While theories help shape big picture thinking, and give us models, tools and templates that we can experiment with,the only good models are ones that are helpful in practice. The most important use of a model is not what the theory tells us, but what we can learn in practie. Together with our clients, we are continually gaining new insights as we participate in exploring new ideas in workplace innovation.

Backed by research, proven in practice